Case Studies

PRO+KRGL Decreases Downtime at Ohio Plant

A large Ohio based chemical processing company recently experienced issues with their rupture discs bursting prematurely.  After many attempts at fixing the problem without resolve, the company contacted Oseco for a solution.

Upon visiting their plant, it was determined that the company had been using outdated competitor rupture discs that utilize a 1940’s technology.  Being that the technology was outdated, the discs were not allowing the plant to operate at a reasonable capacity without fatiguing.  During the visit, Oseco suggested use of the new PRO+KRGL rupture disc which features a 95% operating ratio that will allow the plant to operate near full capacity without fatiguing the disc.

PRO+KRGL Rupture Disc

In addition to presenting a solution that decreased downtime and allowed the plant to operate at a much higher capacity, Oseco specialists completed a compilation report of all rupture discs used within the plant.  After review of the compilation report, it was determined that many other applications within the plant would benefit from the PRO+KRGL as well.  In turn, the customer was able to save roughly 25% on their yearly rupture disc inventory.