Forward Acting

Oseco's SRC or Scored Railcar Disc is an alternative to railcar discs containing PTFE seals.
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The Oseco FAS is a high performance forward acting rupture disc designed and manufactured for high-performance and demanding rupture disc applications.

Oseco's Safety Head Rupture Discs are designed to use in conjunction with Oseco Safety Heads to prevent over-pressure events in oilfield separators. The Oseco CRVC is a domed, rectangular explosion vent that can withstand higher positive or negative pressure than flat designs.


Oseco's CO or composite rupture disc is a forward acting disc that delivers an excellent pressure performance range.

The Oseco STD or Standard is a forward acting rupture disc designed for a broad range of performance applications.

The Oseco FAS-S is a high performance forward acting buckling sanitary rupture disc designed for medium to very high burst pressures.

Oseco manufactures a full line of discs utilized in sterilizers and autoclaves.  These discs are available in a wide variety of sizes, pressures, and materials.

Oseco’s Suppression Containment Discs can be used in multiple OEM application requiring a high-performance, non-fragmenting disc.