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Movin' Up & Movin' IN

Date: Feb 08, 2017

forklift moving large manufacturing equipment to Oseco new building

That's right, we're moving things around and settling into our new shop space here at Oseco this week. Our campus now includes not one, not two, but THREE buildings and shops!

Production floor capacity and office space doubled at Oseco when we got "the keys" to the new building at the end of last year. We plan to stretch our wings in 2017 as we get organized and make use of our new space. The sky's the limit!...

The new expansion is a nice complement to the Oseco market structure. Addition of a third building promises to support our three main business segments and the unique applications within those industries

One safe and successful equipment move hits the books today. That's one #MovingDay of many that we have planned in coming weeks. Stay tuned to see what exciting changes we have in store!