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Oseco Appoints New Vice President Sales and Marketing

Date: Oct 13, 2016

Kevin Kolbeck named Oseco Vice President Sales and Marketing, 
Darren Doyle now Marketing Officer for Halma Process Safety Sector

Kevin Kolbeck Oseco Vice President Sales & Marketing, Oseco Board, Oseco VP

Broken Arrow, Okla. - Kevin Kolbeck joined the Oseco Board on October 3rd as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, bringing years of knowledge and competitive marketing experience to the table. Kolbeck assisted with growth for two of the three unique Oseco business segments as Director of Marketing in last 18 months. Last year Kolbeck was integral to developing strategy for the newest Oseco business segment, Fire Safety. He then shifted to a leadership role within the largest Oseco business segment, Chemical Processing. Here he supported implementation of a new sales process with market reach Representatives, as well as the launch of an innovative new product solution called the Safety Cartridge.

Kolbeck earned his degree in Business Administration from Kansas State University in 1992. He spent eight years with Hilti, Inc. where he demonstrated a thorough understanding of market strategy implementation. He served as Senior Director of Trade Management at the Hilti headquarters located in Tulsa, Okla. and effectively managed large sales and marketing teams. Post-Hilti, Kolbeck scaled his leadership skills to manage smaller teams and endeavor as an entrepreneur in 2007. He spent eight years building his own start-up company with multiple locations in the service industry. In the role of President and General Manager, he coordinated key vendor relationships and identified teams to sustain the company’s growth, thereby increasing market share and developing into an industry leader.

Upon transitioning into the VP role at Oseco, Kolbeck notes that the company has held forecasts and managed to recover a growth pattern, even in the face of a low market that only recently began showing signs of recovery. “I am confident in our ability as a team to continue this growth trend and sustain our business as we continue to explore expansion into the global market,” said Kolbeck, addressing the company in an all-hands update meeting last week. “Furthermore, I am humbled by the work ethic of the people that make up this organization, and look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together,” said Kolbeck in conclusion.

This is another major transition for the Oseco Board, after appointing a new president earlier this year. Rob Barcik stepped into the role of President for Oseco in the spring, following former President, Bryan Sanderlin’s promotion to Vice President for the Halma Process Safety Sector. Previous Vice President for Oseco Sales and Marketing, Darren Doyle, now serves the Halma Process Safety Sector as Marketing Officer. He will assist with the growth of several companies within the international group alongside Oseco.

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