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Oseco Develops New Heavy-Duty Explosion Vent for Grain Elevator Applications

Date: Feb 11, 2014

Oseco, a global manufacturer of custom-engineered rupture discs and explosion vents, has developed the new, heavy duty MV-BE (Metal Vent Bucket Elevator), an explosion vent offering robust explosion protection for the grain handling industry.

The MV-BE explosion vent is designed utilizing materials up to three times thicker than other designs, providing excellent service life to conveying/bucket elevators operating under high vibration conditions or other demanding applications.

Oseco MV-BE Bucket Elevator Explosion Vent

Oseco’s MV-BE Explosion Vent Protects Bucket Elevators Against Dust Explosion

Grain storage facilities typically utilize a bucket elevator or pneumatic conveyor to scoop up grain from a lower level and deposit it into a storage facility or silo. Larger elevators with fast belt speeds often produce significant vibration that can fatigue explosion vents causing premature failures.  The MV-BE’s robust design provide excellent service life in these difficult applications.
Because grain dust is highly combustible and poses a significant explosion risk, safety measures are required to reduce pressure and remove ignition sources.  If an ignition source such as a spark is present, grain dust will easily ignite causing pressure to rise exponentially within the bucket elevator.  The MV-BE explosion vent is designed to open at 0.75psig to relieve pressure within the bucket elevator and deflagrate the flame, thereby protecting the elevator and workers from the dangers of a dust explosion. 
“Grain dust is a very volatile substance, so operators of agricultural or bulk storage facilities must utilize the strictest safety measures,” said Shawn McCorkle, Oseco’s Engineered Solutions segment manager. “Our MV-BE is specifically designed to relieve pressures generated during a deflagration and greatly reduce the risk of explosions in these types of facilities.”
Oseco’s MV-BE vent works directly with the bucket elevator, offering an optional alarm sensor for automatic system shutdown. Designed to meet the requirements of NFPA 61, the MV-BE is available in a variety of sizes and works with most bucket elevator applications utilized in the grain handling industry. 
The MV-BE’s frame is made of 316 stainless steel with a black neoprene gasket and excels in applications where a more robust vent with a thicker membrane is required. It is also easily attached, making for low-cost installation.  
Additional features of the MV-BE include:
-          A non-fragmenting design
-          Burst tolerance +/- 0.25 psig at 0.75psig
-          Operating ratio of 50% of the stamped burst pressure
-          Temperature range of -40 to +180 F
For information on sizing and availability, please contact Oseco at 1-888-636-3475, email or request a quote at