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Oseco Makes Purchasing Explosion Vents Faster with Online Store

Date: Nov 04, 2014

Oseco has greatly shortened the purchasing cycle by creating a “self-serve,” online purchasing option for their most popular explosion vents with a two-day standard lead time. The short lead time helps plant managers to plan for their inventory and keep spares on the shelf so as to avoid that feeling of panic associated with an empty shelf after a deflagration. The new store features their MV-RD explosion vent with an industry-best vacuum rating and two year warranty.

Oseco launched their new online store to adapt to changing buying patterns and buyers’ demographics. The MV family of explosion vents is now just a click away, available in common sizes, and pre-set with a burst pressure of 1.5 PSIG. Customers can place an order any time of day or night, from any smart phone, computer or tablet, ready to ship anywhere in the U.S. in just two days. 

“No one else has an explosion vent stocking program available online,” said Shawn McCorkle, Oseco’s Engineered Solutions segment manager. “Our online store also features our MV-RD explosion vent which is optimal for any high-vacuum application and offers a longer service life than competing explosion vents,” said McCorkle. “We’re helping our customers to better manage their maintenance and inventory budgets and reduce downtime, while saving them the headache and costs of emergency expedites.”

Oseco's MV-RD Explosion Vent

Oseco's MV Family of explosion vents is designed with the most common explosion venting applications in mind. The MV Family offers the industry's best performance tolerance of ±.25 psig and offers the MV-RD, MV-RF and MV-CD for ordering online. Each of these vents meets the requirements of OSHA Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program and NFPA 68.

The MV online store lists available explosion vents, sizes and pricing and only takes a few minutes to complete the ordering process. If a needed size is not listed, customers can fill out a quote form and will be contacted by Oseco within one business day. 

For more information about Oseco’s Explosion Vent online store, call 1-888-636-3475, email or visit