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Oseco Offers Online, Mobile Ordering for Safety Head Rupture Discs

Date: Mar 18, 2014

Oseco now offers an easy online and mobile ordering system to help energy companies get safety products like the reliable Separator Safety Head Rupture Disc into the field faster.  
Oseco’s Safety Head rupture discs and holders are available online – Oseco Oilfield Products store– with a variety of common burst pressures available.


“Companies in the oil & gas industry don’t have time for complicated ordering processes – they need immediate access to the products that will keep their people and equipment safe,” said Bob Evans, Oseco’s Energy Segment Manager. “Oseco offers the industry’s only online ordering system that lets our customers order products via computer and even mobile devices. It’s all about making the process convenient so companies can place these products in the field quickly.”
Developed more than 30 years ago for use by oil and gas companies, midstream companies and oil equipment manufacturers in the oilfield, Oseco’s Separator Safety Head Rupture Disc is placed in a separator’s safety head with a pressure set higher than
the tank’s safety relief valve. If pressure in the separator increases to a dangerous level and the tank’s relief valve cannot handle the pressure, the Safety Head Rupture Disc opens to relieve the pressure and prevent the tank from exploding.  This saves lives, environmental damage, and often tens of thousands of dollars in clean-up costs and fines.
For additional information on sizing and availability, please contact Oseco at 1-800-395-3475, email, or visit the online store at