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Oseco Rupture Discs Add Layer of Safety for Fire Suppression Industry

Date: Jul 14, 2014
Safety is a vital issue for employers, which is why many companies today utilize a variety of fire suppression systems to keep their people and facilities safe.
A leading manufacturer of precision rupture discs, explosion vents and other pressure relief products for more than 30 years, Oseco offers a special scored rupture disc assembly that allows for precise activation of life-saving fire suppression systems. It is failsafe, non-fragmenting, and releases a large volume of fire suppressant in milliseconds.
The special scored disc is based on Oseco’s FAS disc, which offers an industry-best flow rate; it stands out in its ability to deliver the most fire suppressant in the least amount of time, nearly instantaneously.

Oseco ensures that these systems remain safe and ready to activate by creating custom solutions for each unique system design.

“Our engineering team works with each customer to identify the specific requirements for their particular system design,” said Shawn McCorkle, sales and segment manager of Oseco’s engineered solutions. “We then determine the best custom solution to fit their system. We offer the most value to our customers by offering reliability in an activation disc that is designed specifically for their needs.”

In addition to fire suppression system activation, Oseco also offers a simple screw-in assembly that provides protection against bottle over-pressurization. The one-time use unit (OTU) is completely assembled and ready for insertion and use. If the bottle becomes over-pressurized, the disc in the unit will rupture to relieve the pressure safely. The entire system is then removed and replaced. “Our OTU assemblies are completely bubble tight, ensuring no product is lost,” added McCorkle.
For additional information on sizing and availability, please contact Oseco at 800-395-3475, email, or visit Oseco’s Custom Engineered Solutions Website at