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Oseco Showcasing High Performance Rupture Discs at 2013 Chem Show

Date: Dec 02, 2013

Oseco will be showcasing industry best rupture discs, PRO+KRGL and FAS, at the 2013 Chem Show, Dec. 10-12, 2013.

Oseco's PRO+KRGL Rupture Disc
Oseco's PRO+KRGL rupture disc allows for increased system performance.

The PRO+KRGL and FAS rupture discs feature newer technology that will allow you to get more out of your system.  By featuring 90% and 95% operating ratios, the FAS and PRO+KRGL allow you to operate your system to within 90% or 95% of the rupture discs stamped burst pressure without risk of premature disc failure.  For example, a composite disc stamped at 100psig would allow you to operate your system to 80psig, whereas a PRO+KRGL featuring a 95% operating ratio would allow you to operate the same system to 95psig.  The newer technology discs also feature a 0% manufacturing range which means when you order a 100psig disc, you get a 100psig disc, not a disc marked within 10 or 15psig of your requested burst pressure. 

To find out more about how Oseco rupture discs can improve efficiency within in your plant, visit us in Booth 122. 

The Chem Show will be held at the Javits Center in New York City.  Held every two years, The CHEM SHOW is where process engineers, production/plant personnel and executives from companies across the Chemical Process Industries (CPI) come to see and learn about the latest technology to increase process efficiency, solve problems, reduce energy costs and be more sustainable in their operations.