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Oseco To Be Featured on Popular MythBusters Show for 7th Time

Date: Jul 08, 2014

Oseco, a leader in the pressure relief device industry, will be making its seventh appearance on the popular TV show MythBusters. The Discovery Channel will air the episode “Fire in the Hole” at 8 p.m. Central Standard Time Thursday, July 10.

MythBusters uses elements of scientific method to test the validity of myths, rumors and urban legends to determine if they are “Confirmed,” “Plausible” or “Busted.”  In past episodes, the Mythbusters team has used Oseco’s pressure relief products to determine if  explosions in varying scenarios can be survived. They use the safety feature of Oseco discs, calibrated to burst at a specific pressure, essentially as a measuring device to tell if an explosion is of a deadly caliber.   

Following the show’s airing Thursday, Oseco will issue a full release with more details and information pertaining to the episode and products used during the test.