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Oseco’s High Flow Safety Plug Offers Proven Pressure Protection for Oil & Gas Equipment

Date: May 06, 2014

For oil & gas operators looking to protect their equipment in the well, reduce set-up time and non-productive time (NPT), lessen maintenance and eliminate downtime , there’s no better safety relief solution than Oseco’s High Flow 3-Inch Safety Plug.
With a flow rate of up to 90 barrels per minute, Oseco’s 3-inch Safety Plug offers immediate pressure release from the wellhead to prevent damage to the well casing and equipment within the well. This flow rate is 8.79 times that of the 3” spring valve that the Safety Plug can replace. Oseco pre-sets and certifies each safety plug at a specified pressure.  With a design that is standard to all hydraulic fracturing and pressure pumping oil and gas service companies, no additional special testing is required.

Oseco’s Safety Plug weighs only 20 pounds and is able to be installed by one person in seconds, with no need for trucks or cranes to haul equipment – a benefit that has proven attractive to companies trying to reduce maintenance costs and downtime. The Safety Plug’s simple one-piece design also eliminates the cost of rebuilds and the logistics of sending valves out for repairs.
An Oseco Pressure Management Consultant is available to provide oil & gas service companies a complete on-site product demonstration, along with an annual estimate on the time and money savings the company can expect when using the Oseco safety plug to protect its well sites.