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Oseco's New Rupture Disc Has Industry Leading Flow Rate

Date: Feb 17, 2012
Oseco’s new PRO+KRGL reverse buckling rupture disc for gas or liquid applications provides a best-in-class Kr value (used to determine the frictional flow loss through a rupture disc and holder) for improved flow, which permits the use of smaller piping. The disc is designed for use in safety relief valve isolation, primary pressure relief or in conjunction with a safety relief valve as secondary pressure relief.

Oseco's New PRO+KRGL

The disc has a 95% operating ratio, allowing users to operate their processes near capacity without fear of the disc bursting prematurely, decreasing downtime for maintenance. The PRO+KRGL is non-fragmenting, making it an ideal reverse buckling disc for safety relief valve isolation.

Oseco also offers the industry’s best Kr value with its FAS rupture disc, a forward acting non-fragmenting rupture disc designed for safety relief valve isolation.