PRO+KRGL (Precision Reverse Operating)

Reverse Acting

Oseco's PRO+KRGL is a reverse buckling rupture disc designed and manufactured for high cycling performance and demanding applications.  The PRO+KRGL can help maximize your system performance with a 95% operating ratio and delivers a best in class Flow Resistance Factor (FRF) or KR, in gas and liquid.  Excellent for isolating safety relief valves.

  • Size Range: 1"-10" DN25-DN 250
  • Service Type:Gas and Liquid
  • Operating Ratio: 95%

Flow Direction

Burst Pressure Range (psig) Manufacturing Range % Burst Tolerance Fragmentation
3 - 1,000 0 +-5% > 40 PSIG < +-2 psig Non-Fragmenting Design
Safety Relief Valve Isolation
Heat Exchangers
Distillation Columns
Coking Drums
Safety Relief Valve Isolation
Process Columns
Process Vessels
Storage & Transport
Circuit Breakers

PRDI Insert Holder