Oseco Rupture Disc Technology Program

At Oseco, we take your safety seriously and go the extra mile to prove it. Our safety program is designed to bring your plant personnel up-to-date with the latest rupture disc technology and plant safety - it's called the Oseco Rupture Disc Technology Program.

This informative session is designed for process, project, safety and maintenance engineers, as well as plant supervisory and maintenance personnel. It is an excellent opportunity to let us help train your employees in plant safety performance. For your convenience the Rupture Disc Technology Program can be scheduled at your facility or ours. All sessions scheduled at Oseco will include a tour of our facility.

Oseco Plant Audits

Oseco offers a service that can greatly impact your rupture disc stocking levels - the plant audit. Our trained personnel will survey your facility and make record of all your applications. We will take this information and create a custom stocking plan that can reduce your inventory by up to one third. By eliminating redundancy and overlapping products, we reduce inventory levels, minimize paperwork and save you money. Oseco has helped many of our customers recognize savings and would welcome the opportunity to discuss conducting a plant survey at your location.

Available Engineering Services

Oseco offers a wide range of engineering services as a benefit to our customers.

  • Plant Surveys and Audits
  • Training Seminars
  • Factory Schools
  • Field Engineering Assistance
  • Third Party Inspection Services
  • In-House Testing