Explosion Vents

The MV-RD explosion vent is designed for high cycling applications, such as in dust collectors, bag houses and bulk storage units that experience vacuum pressures up to 12 psig/ 24.4 inHg.

Oseco's MV-RF explosion vent is an all metal design (no fluoropolymer) using a stainless steel controlling membrane. No holes or slits are visible which makes the MV-RF vent excellent for applications where product buildup m...

The Oseco MV-CD is a circular domed explosion vent designed for use with round ductwork.  The MV-CD is excellent for high cycling applications.

Oseco's MV-CF is a flat designed, metal explosion vent designed for applications requiring a circular fitting.

The Oseco MV-BE is a heavy duty explosion vent designed to protect bucket elevators operating under high vibration conditions or other demanding applications. 

The Oseco CRVC is a domed, rectangular explosion vent that can withstand higher positive or negative pressure than flat designs.