Pipe Covers

Oseco pipe covers shield and save, protecting safety relief valve discharge piping and free vented rupture discs from chemicals, rain, snow, insects and birds.  Oseco pipe covers also offer visual indication of overpressurization.  To retain the cover, a 6' tether rope is attached.  Covers are constructed of PTFE-coated fiberglass material, with drawstring and grommet to prevent loss when valve relieves.  Easy to install, covers fit over straight- or angle-cut discharge piping. Standard sizes range from 1" to 54" and is available in the standard color of safety/neon orange.  Please specify whether straight- or angle-cut covers are desired.

  • Sizes 1" through 54"
  • Fits over straight or angle-cut discharge piping
  • Tether retains cover after a relief