3" High Flow Safety Plug

High Pressure Pumping - Pressure Protection

Almost every operator now requires service companies to provide a safety relief device to protect the casing and other equipment installed within the well.  It is common for service companies to use cumbersome spring or nitrogen valves to meet this challenge.  Oseco's solution is the 3" High Flow Safety Plug.  Weighing only 20 pounds, the Safety Plug is installed before the wellhead and comes preset from the factory at the maximum rating of equipment within the well.  With its unprecedented flow rates of up to 90 barrels per minute, it will immediately relieve pressure from the wellhead and prevent damage to the well casing and equipment within the well.

Reduce Setup Time & NPT
The 3" Safety Plug weighs only 20 pounds and can be installed by one person, in seconds, with no need for trucks or cranes to haul heavy equipment.  The Safety Plug is preset at the pressure specified by the operator and a burst certification is provided.

Reduce Maintenance
Nitrogen relief valves have hundreds of parts to maintain.  The logistics of repairs at the service company or sending valves back to the manufacturer can be costly and require many spare valves to be managed.  The Oseco Safety Plug's one-piece design eliminates costs of rebuilds and logistics of valve repairs.

Oseco Pressure Management Consultants are available to provide an annual estimate on the time and money savings service companies can expect by using the Oseco Safety Plug.  

  • 3" 1502 Connections
  • Flow Rate:  Up to 90 Barrels Per Minute
  • Designed to be non-fragementing
Iron/Well Equipment Protection