Separators & Explosion Vents

Separators & Explosion Vents

Separator Safety Head Rupture Disc

Oseco separator safety head rupture disc for oilfield

Oseco's Safety Head Rupture Discs are designed to use in conjunction with Oseco Separator Safety Heads to prevent over-pressure events in oilfield separators.  During an over-pressure event, the disc will open and immediately relieve pressure.

Separator Safety Head

Separator Safety Head Oseco Oilfield

Oseco's Separator Safety Heads are designed to protect oilfield separators from over pressurization.  The safety head acts as a holder for the safety head rupture disc.  In the event of an over-pressure event, the disc is designed to open and immediately relieve pressure.  Separator safety heads are available in 1" and 1.5" sizes. 

CRVC Explosion Vent

CRVC Explosion Vent

The Oseco CRVC is a domed, rectangular explosion vent that can withstand higher positive or negative pressure than flat designs.  The CRVC is excellent for high cycling applications such as dust collectors.  

The CRVC is available with internal insulation for high temperature applications.  Ask for the CRVCI.

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