Well, Iron and Truck Protection

Upstream Oil & Gas

The right technology and processes help to solve pressure concerns, thereby improving safety, reducing downtime, and cutting operation costs

The Oseco Safety Plug functions like a fuse to protect Well, Iron, and Truck from overpressure events in upstream oil completions. Activating in milliseconds, the Safety Plug protects assets against pressure spikes that may otherwise go undetected.

Visit our Energy Industry Homepage for more about pressure management in upstream drilling & completions or click below to download the Oseco Safety Plug Product Brochure

It all comes down to pressure in upstream oil and gas well completion. A service company's ability to manage extreme pressure variance within completions is a critical component to: 

  • Providing a safe work environment in well completions
  • Reducing downtime and shortening upstream completion timelines
  • Protecting the well casing integrity