Sensors and Detection

The Oseco AMS burst disc sensor provides monitoring capabilities for a wide range of applications including highly corrosive and high temperature environments. 

 The SVT sensor can be installed on top of existing rupture disc assemblies to alert you when a disc has burst.

Oseco's Flo-Tel+ is a non-invasive detection system designed for use with the Opti-Gard rupture disc and holder.

The Oseco ASF Sensor is an excellent solution for product loss prevention in many plastic and paper applications such as extrusion, molding, and film manufacturing.

The Oseco FLCOS combines overpressure protection with rupture detection.

The LPSF is designed to open in pressure differentials of 30" water column or less making it excellent for storage vessel applications.

The Oseco sanitary sensor (OSS) is designed for use with Oseco sanitary rupture discs.